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Mission 2428: Mildura/Essendon/Mildura

Initial Trip Request

Six year Jorja needs to attend appointments at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne for treatment of an Orbital Fracture. Angel Flight took them on this appointment as her family are on limited income and live in Merbein near Mildura.

Angel Flight Leg 1

Pilot: Mark Davey

EA: Tracey Kelly
Pilot: Mark Davey
(14th Angel flight)

Earth Angel: Tracey Kelly
(1st Angel flight)

Angel Flight Leg 2

Pilot: Alan Elliot

EA: Mark Houston
Pilot: Alan Elliot
(3rd Angel flight)

Earth Angel: Mark Houston
(4th Angel flight)

Alan's Comments:
David, Jorja and Alan"As with each flight I have done so far, I took my good mate and fellow Angel Flight pilot John Gleeson, who is a great help getting us in/out of controlled airspace, together with the heavy radio and transponder work with only one fitted com.

Temp was 32 degrees C YMEN and 42 degrees C at YMIA!! Hence the longest flight time to YMIA... s-l-o-w climb-out between 55 and 60 knots to assigned 6,500 feet out of YMEN!!, with some 20 knots on the nose.

We stayed the night with another pilot mate in Mildura, who even left a car for us at the airport, and even though we were late, cold beer in the fridge and a hot meal on the stove!!

Trip home, smooth as!! 135 knots at 5,500ft all the way!!.

Both David and Jorja were excellent passengers. Jorja was a happy and relaxed little passenger and sat quietly in the back with her colouring book and some nibbles.

It makes John and I feel good when we know the effort is appreciated.

ALSO: Three cheers for the snack shop at Mildura Airport!! We needed cold drinks for the trip back - John asked for two good sized cold diet Cokes - they noticed his lanyard and gave them FREE without asking!! Hope other airports catch on to this!!!"

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