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Mission 4035: Armidale/Gold Coast/Armidale

Angel Flight's First Respite Flight (12th June 2009)

Subsequent Trip Request (47th & 48th Angel flights) A two year old girl, diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones), from Armidale NSW has required frequent essential treatment by a Paediatric Endocrinologist at the Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney. This mission is to assist with some respite from her ongoing treatment and to spend some time with her mother who is a single parent and her two siblings in a non hospital environment.

Angel Flight Leg 1

Pilot: Bill Bristow

Pilot: Bill Bristow
(31st Angel flight)

Earth Angel: Lesley McAllan
(1st Angel flight)

Bill's Comments:
"The grass crunched underfoot at beautiful Armidale airport as we were met by cute as a button Lotus and her family. Also there to meet us was Prime TV and The Armidale Express - reporter and photographer.
This, Angel Flight's first Respite Flight, went perfectly. The skies were clear and cool, the air smooth. We arrived at the Gold Coast airport 40 minutes later having enjoyed a crisp tail wind and again were met by the media, two TV crews out on the apron with press photographer."

"Lotus, although only 3, is a skilled media performer and looked super cute in fur collar and red beanie. Thanks to security at Gold Coast airport who wrangled the media crews out onto the secure area. Thanks also to copilot/radio operator Scott Hutchison and Angel Flight coordinator Geoff Marsh whose idea the respite flight was in the first place. A very rewarding flight; may there be many more.."

Angel Flight Leg 2

Pilot: Stephen White

Pilot: Stephen White
(30th Angel flight)

Earth Angel:
Lesley McAllan
(2nd Angel flight)


Stephen's Comments:

"Sarah, Jane, Aurora and Lotus really enjoyed their weekend on the Gold Coast and Sea World - not the least because it was 20 degrees on the Coast instead of 8 degrees in Armidale! They'd done a lot of walking over the weekend and even though they were still quite excited they were fairly tired.

I think Aurora fell asleep as the wheels came up departing the Gold Coast. Lotus though outlasted her sister and quite enjoyed the flight. We arrived in Armidale at about 4:30pm to grey skies, 12 degrees and an eleven knot westerly wind - back to reality. Lotus thanked me for the flight which was very special."

"Thank you so much for the break. We had a lot of fun and Lotus spent the last morning crying because she didn't want to go home. Thank you again so very much."
Sarah Walker

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