Volunteer Pilot requirements

All volunteer pilots are required to comply with the statutory requirements applicable to them and the aircraft they fly, including the Directions (Instrument: F2019L00134) relating to community service flights from 19 March 2019.

Please Refer to these two official documents:

*** Please note that Angel Flight requires all volunteer pilots (private and commercial) to have a minimum of 250PIC hours including those holding a CPL or ATPL.

Pilots are also required to undertake the AOPA US Public Benefit Flying: Balancing Safety and Compassion module.
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Are you eligible in accordance with above and can you provide?:

  • A copy of current Flight Crew Licence
  • A copy of current Class 1 or Class 2 Medical Certificate,
  • A copy of your ASIC card,
  • A copy of all relevant reviews, endorsements, ratings or proficiency checks.