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How does Angel Flight Work?

At Angel Flight, we try to assist as many people as we can to access the medical resources they need. We are a charity helping people who live in regional and remote areas, and are restricted by financial constraints and long distances. We transport patients of all ages needing medical treatment at destinations where other forms of transport are physically and emotionally taxing or unaffordable. We are also able to transport blood and blood products, and medical drugs.

We work with our team of generous volunteers in the sky and on the ground to transfer passengers from their nearest airport, to the relevant medical facilities anywhere in Australia. All flights are free for passengers.

Our flights are not emergency flights, and our pilots do not carry aeromedical staff or medical equipment.

How to request a flight with Angel Flight

Arranging a flight with Angel Flight starts with a health professional, such as a medical practitioner, nurse or social worker. To refer passengers to Angel Flight, health professionals must first register with Angel Flight. It’s quick and easy to register online – click here to register as a health professional. 

Once registered, health professionals familiar with their patient’s condition must consider our eligibility criteria before referring passengers to Angel Flight. To meet our guidelines, adult passengers must be medically stable and physically able to enter and exit a small aircraft (involving large steps, twists, bends) without assistance; sit up in the aircraft with a seatbelt on for an extended period of time; and if necessary communicate with the pilot. Young and disabled children must be accompanied by an adult capable of moving the child in and out of the aircraft.

If you are uncertain if you meet our guidelines, please feel free to contact us.

Depending on the locations involved, we require 5 – 10 working days’ notice for transport assistance.

Once we have received a referral and approved the passenger, we invite applications from our generous volunteer pilots and drivers. We will then notify the referrer and passenger of all arrangements once finalised.

If you are someone who requires medical treatment and would like to request a flight with Angel Flight, speak to your health professional about referring you.

Travelling with Angel Flight isn’t the same as travelling with a commercial airline. To meet our guidelines, passengers must be medically stable, ambulatory and physically able to enter and exit a small aircraft (involving large steps, twists, bends) without assistance from the pilot, and sit up in the aircraft with a seatbelt on for an extended period of time. They must also be able to communicate with the pilot, although carers may be able to assist with this. Children must always be accompanied by an adult, who can assist with entry, exit and other needs of the child. We encourage a friend or relative to travel with the patient.

Flights are conducted by volunteer pilots in their own aircraft.  Volunteer pilots come from all walks of life and donate their time, their skills and most of their aircraft costs for each flight. Our volunteer pilot flight credentials exceed the requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for the carriage of passengers, and the aircraft meet specified CASA and insurance minimums.

There’s nothing like having a friendly face waiting when you arrive. When your aircraft lands at the relevant airport, volunteer drivers may be available to provide ground transportation to the medical facility and back. Ground transport is not provided in the passenger’s home town, for example from your home to the local airport.

Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


In addition to our core service, Angel Flight has established a partnership with Ochre Medical Group who have a significant presence across most states and territories, transporting GPs and Allied Health Professionals into regional and rural communities.
For too many remote communities, access to much-needed health care is out of reach and there is a gap in the market for consistent and familiar medical professionals who both work and live in the community. Angel Flight and Ochre Health, are addressing this issue by bringing medical professionals in to live and work in rural communities, offering access to flights to and from ‘home base’ when required.


Angel Flight has been piloting a placement program in South Australia with Jeanine Global since 2021. The program transports students every two weeks to and from areas west of the Spencer Gulf, South Australia. With additional investment Angel Flight can deploy significantly more health professionals as needed into these communities.

Angel Flight is now in discussions with several universities to expand the placements pilot into the other regions following the success of the South Australian trial. James Cook University alone has a requirement to place 3000 plus health students into rural, regional and remote communities annually and Angel Flight’s aim is to support these students.

Have more questions?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions