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Charity Helps Fly Flood Patient to Medical Appointment

Lightning Ridge is a small town in outback New South Wales, currently recovering after being severely impacted by flooding late last year.

Prior to the flooding, John, a resident of Lightning Ridge, would regularly drive to Bankstown to attend his specialist medical appointments. Unfortunately, being heavily isolated by flooding, driving to see his doctor, was not a viable option.

After hearing about John’s situation, charity organisation Angel Flight Australia were quick to step in and offer their assistance.

Angel Flight is a charity that launched in 2003 and since then has coordinated thousands of non-emergency medical flights around Australia, including rural and remote regions.

Due to the severity of the flooding, traversal was no easy task, but the Angel Flight team were able to fly John out of the flood affected region so he could attend his specialist medical appointment.

John requested that his support dog Bandit, accompany him for the trip. Angel Flight staff were quick to assist with the situation. Not only were they able to get Bandit onboard, but they were also able to ensure that Bandit was safe and secure during the flight.

“John was a real country gentleman, very relaxed during the flight, and a lovely soul. John and Bandit were inseparable and made for an enjoyable flight” Darrin said.

The Angel Flight mission was a success. John was able to attend his specialist medial appointment and Angel Flight were able to fly John back home again.

“It was a fantastic flight and Angel Flight is a fantastic service. Staff were extremely helpful and bent over backwards to assist. I would love to fly again. Without Angel Flight, there was no way in the world I would have made it to my appointment.” John said.